Ashton + Molly Nashville Elopement

This couple means so much to me. I could tell you for hours about how easy and comfort they were in front of the camera. Meet Ashton and Molly. Yes, they are the CUTEST! I asked Molly and Ashton what they wanted to remember about their relationship in twenty years and her response just about melted my heart. “ I'm truly marrying my best friend. He's not the kind of man I always thought I would marry-- he's so much better. He's home to me.” Ashton shared,  "I want to remember how we always have laughed and smiled at each other, even if its something as simple as making eye contact."  Okay! Truly I had the time of my life at their wedding because this was my very first elopement. Luckily, they married at the most beautiful venue I have ever been to; riverwood Mansion. This place is such a dream from the textured walls to the classical royal lights. Everything is perfect.



December 7th, 2017 this was the day their close friends and family gathered in East Nashville as they exchanged vows and became one. Yes, they fit perfectly together. I saw first hand Molly`s words in action, “Sometimes he'll absentmindedly kiss the top of my hand-- I love that. And forehead kisses.” We later went on an adventure to Broadway downtown and returned to the restaurant for family time and celebration.

Thank you Ashton and Molly for your willingness to believe in me! You both are amazing people and I am so excited for the years to come.




Floral: Stella Rose Floral 

Venue: Riverwood Mansion 

Hair and Makeup: Victoria Benson