What Matters More to a Bride than a Pinterest Wedding


I started wedding photography as an assistant. I saw everything behind the scenes and I had countless conversations with groomsmen as I have waited with them. The places you will get placed as a photographer is surprising because you will end up in the thick of a wedding everything. I`ve seen some of the sweetest moments which made me tear up. Photographer usually plan a shot list of photos to take along with a schedule on where to go and when. We have family names down, hopefully divger drama, and get in at least one dance before the party ends.

As a photographer I know what makes my day easier, I have a plan and serious preparation behind my back.  However since I have yet to be a bride I sought out a bride`s perspective on her wedding day. I have asked multiple brides what she really wanted as she looks back on her day.  The answers are simple.

Someone who can communicate clearly, give instructions, and do so with a large group of people. What matters to a bride is easing stress off her and the groom. If a bride can hire a photographer who is confident to direct people where to stand then she choose wisely. Family shoots can be the biggest stressor during pictures. Kindness is the number one asset a photographer can have during group photos. Smile, speak UP, and be assertive. If you have to stand on a chair. This also can be done within less than thirty minutes. During my meetings, I can tell the couple how I will do family photos. I first bring with big groups then break people off into smaller groups. Once distant relatives come and smile for the camera then they can go eat and be merry. It's easier to finish with smaller numbers of people such as moms, dads, close friends, grandparents, mentors, pastors, etc. The couple wants those special pictures of their parents with them which is why I save those photos for last. 



One of the greatest treasures to a newlywed are natural candid photos. Why? Because they get to see their day just like they envisioned it. Family members crying, dad`s biggest hug, mom`s softness smile, your maid of honor`s loudest laugh or your flower girl frowning. All of these moments embody a celebrate of two people becoming one. This is what people will remember. You strike gold capturing photos when no one is looking. Formal photos have their place in a frame but, candid photos are photos JUST for the couple. In ten years, they will be the ones looking back on those photos. So why not draw them back into their day by capturing that look her gave her or the soft kiss she gave him?


After time goes by, the photos are left for the couple. They keep them around the house in beautiful frames or tacked by a magnet on the fridge. Those special photos for the couple at the end of the day. No one else. No one else looks back on their wedding photos with as much joy as the bride and groom. No one else holds each memory so dear and can call the each and every moment. Pinterest weddings have nothing on those moments you can`t payback. It takes money to have a dream wedding but it takes an investement to have a good photographer.