Logan + Hailey Nashville Engagement

What do you do in Nashville on a beautiful Saturday? Eat tacos and take pictures. I was the DJ (for a hot second) and the photographer. They requested Lady Antebellum for first dance practice. Why not practice the dance moves and get some photos?

I proceeded to ask Logan and Hailey how they met, who made the first move, and about their first kiss. Hailey laughed about she turned him down at first. Thankfully, Hailey`s mom encouraged her Logan was a good guy, the guy worth holding out for. And yes he was worth it!

I should say Hailey was one worth holding out for since Logan was the one who was denied. But like I said, a new year came around 2016 and the couple became official. 

7R3A0318 2.jpg

I also have to give a shout-out to this couple for endless hugging, kissing, and running just to get the right picture. Hats off to you both because I believe we got it!

Their October wedding will be stunning! I am so excited this capture more moments like this and finally see their dance moves on display! I cannot wait to party on the 14th! 

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