Adam and Hannah Georgia Engagement

When I first encountered Adam and Hannah, I knew they wanted things done differently. The ordinary style was not on their to-do list. They come alive by discovering the new in old places. They are interested in what has not been done instead of the traditional approach. For this couple, there is more than what meets the eye. For our location of engagement photos, their first suggestion was Rock Town, a place hidden on the top of a mountain in Georgia. This is where climbers come to boulder meaning this place is the REAL deal. I noticed this once I saw climbers carrying cash pads.  Massive rocks are found grouped together and stretched across a two mile hike. This place was once known to be home for a band of hippies. (It is okay to giggle softly)



We drove four miles up this mountain, I felt like I was off roading then I realized, I AM OFF ROADING - on this dirt road on the side of a mountain. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. We hiked to our locations climbing on rocks, which were more like boulders, and running on trails. The more comfortable we became the more I realized these people are making my dreams come true. I knew this adventure was my highlight because I left more refreshed than I did beginning the shoot. Goal Accomplished. Thankfully for me, Adam and Hannah did not shy away from loving one another. They danced on rocks at sunset all for love… and pictures. ;)


Charis SimsComment