Logan & Hailey Missouri Wedding

I have first give a shout out to Hailey. She encouraged me to pursue wedding photography when I was giving up. I`ll never forget hearing her tell Sarah, the wedding planner, “I love Charis`s photos so much I have to have her for my day.” In a time when I felt defeated, I remembered why I love photography; capturing a new perspective of life so people can cherish their memories. Thankfully, Hailey`s persistence helped me step back into photography. Thank you, Hailey! I needed your encouragement and I am where I am because of you.


Logan & Hailey traveled down to Nashville in April so I could take their engagement photos. I am lucky to capture their love and personally as I was learning how to create natural photos by allowing people to open up. These guys are rock stars because they remained childlike and fun throughout our shoot. 


The biggest day came around on October 14th, 2017. Their wedding day was full of laughter, food, special moments, and dancing. I enjoyed taking photos of what made their day special; their fun love and the memories of their relatives. Logan & Hailey, I loved to see your community come around to celebrate you!


Their day was as beautiful as it looked. Hailey`s dress was S T U N N I N G! Yes, Hailey I said stunning again! Of course when the bride is beautiful and her whole family is full of gorgeous people it makes my job a little easier. 


Logan, you're handsome, too! And you married well. 


This beautiful fall wedding was welcome by warmer weather. Thankfully, we gathered outside under a gazebo for the ceremony. Right next to the water, Logan and Hailey said their vows. 


The groomsmen never fail to make me laugh. Mainly because I promised their beers could be a photo a the every end. As it turns out we made a good deal because they rocked the photos. Well done guys. The day was flying by once family started arriving. The bridesmaids and Hailey began peaking out of their room to see who was walking up to venue. 

instead of a first look Logan and Hailey wanted to exchanged gifts without seeing each other. Thanks to the wedding planner, Sarah, we carefully placed them around the corner. Cooper, Hailey`s brother, also joined to pray over them and bless their marriage. SO SWEET!


Hailey! Are you serious?! You look amazing! 


The party started as soon as the vows were said, the beer was handy, and the DJ played the music. One of my favorite things about this couple is their openness to try new things. Luckily for me, I asked them about different photo ideas and they were all for it. Maybe I should post the chest bumping photo just for a laugh. All the photos are priceless! 


Again, ONE OF THE COOLEST PICTURES EVER! Before the night ended, and I mean before I went home, we took many fun dancing photos. Hailey had the perfect ballroom dancing dress. Look at those layers of lace. 


Much love to the Bartels for inviting me into celebrate! I captured some of my favorite photos because you guys choose to be yourselves. Thank you for asking me to jump back into this gig of wedding photography. Your wedding was SO worth it! xo


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