Andre + India

363 days before their wedding, Andre and India meet for the first time. A wedding allowed them to cross paths. India, pursuing a degree in psychology, held her standard high. Her best friend explained India`s promise for marriage," India came and told me, 'I want to choose someone and I want someone to choose me, for who I am.' " Andre, from Brazil, knew India was different from everyone. After the wedding, his interest grew enough to contact her and then spend a weekend in Nashville. 

And that`s all that had to happen. After a weekend together, two totally different fell in love for being completely themselves. They jumped into something new together. India felt daring yet safe. Andre was not consumed by a the ideal perfect woman instead he desired an authentic  person, India. Her heart became more alive in his presence.   

Victorious relationships come when we can walk through the difficult seasons and be celebrated in any season. The jump is worth it when you know who you are jumping with. Soon Andre and India became engaged in late summer. Both excited, Andre would move to Nashville to join a new life with India. After Andre pursued college in Texas, his next step was the best one yet. 

To much of their surprise...

India`s wedding would have the exact same groom mens as the original wedding they met at, just a different groom. Their day was simple and classic with lavender as the theme. Family and friends gathered in West Tennessee to celebrate L O V E. 

And here is my final and favorite photograph from the night. How stunning are they?! 

What a joyous day for two people becoming one. I wish you both the best as you move forward. May you grow in love and fondness of each other daily. Your love is inspiring. Thank you for asking me to join your adventure.