Aron + Nicole

When you know you know. When I asked Nicole about how she met Aron, the main story was simple. He was the right one. Almost a year ago, they met through Nicole`s dad while at a dinner party. Aron, bold enough to break the ice, was smitten by Nicole who had no plans for dating in the near future. Aron was also incredibly kind enough to be gentle and understanding so he waited. Shortly after time went on, Aron asked for a date and thankfully, they have been together ever since. 

This celebration was different from the regular weddings. The atmosphere cultivated friendship, love, and simplicity. No groomsmen or bridesmaids, just family and friends gathered to celebrate their love. His family flew across the Atlantic Ocean from Sweden to enjoy the wedding as well as learn how to line dance. Welcome to Tennessee. 

Trollies gathered guests from the ceremony to their house for an after party. There is nothing as special as riding a trolly through downtown as a married couple. While drinks and snacks were served, I captured one of the favorite photos of the night with this little girl right outside. 


Toast after toast, people explained their love and advice towards this new marriage. Aron`s mother kindly invested her words of wisdom as she said, "Stand close but not in each other`s shadow." 

Aron + Nicole, I`ll take your photos any day or night. Thank you for inviting me into your celebration. I loved learning from you and capturing the sweetest moments of your love. I am truly honored by your grace and kindness. Congratulations on one of the best days of your lives and may better days come your way. 




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