Logan + Cierra Wedding

Once high school friends now married. Logan and Cierra committed to live their lives together. However, their journey began with a few twists and turns as they went to different universities. They both left high school as friends and hoped to return with someone else. Thankfully, their relationship was just beginning. An Avengers movie and bible study brought the two together and just seven weeks later they were dating. Soon a game of ultimate hide-and-seek ended with Logan proposing at Cierra`s favorite nearby park.

Two and a half years later, they find themselves gathered under trees for wedding photos. A beautiful fall day was doubted by the chance of rain. Nevertheless, it was one of the most beautiful days during the whole month of September. 

Everything lead up to these special moments. Moments which express the softness of love, the beauty of friendship, and the celebration of unity. These moments are simply unforgettable. Yes, its only the beginning as they sealed their love and vows with a kiss. 

Logan + Cierra, I`m honored to have been a part of your best day! I appreciate your thoughtful care and consideration through everything. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both! Much love and appreciation!