Expect the [Un]expected

Meet Rachael. She is the sweetest girl on the block. I was lucky enough to stroll through the streets of Franklin with her. Some would say Rachael has a talent, actually I would say that. She has an incredible way meeting amazing people. Really. You should hear some of her stories. What I find as a gift she defines as divine appointments. I never understand why those situations happen. Personally, it seems like I-just-had-an-amazing-conversation-with-a-stranger- encounter only happens to cool people. BUT, Rachael has taught me otherwise.

Before we gathered up with some friends, we walked around the square of Franklin. Smiling at random people walking by because they are too kind to photo bomb our pictures. As we made our way past the Starbucks, we stopped by this little church. We goofed around with pictures not long before the sunset.  Soon a man stopped by the church, we began to chat with him. How cool is it to say that he was also a photographer! 

He was such an amazing person with a great story! He was sweet enough to share his camera gear with me. We set up lights near the street-YES almost in the street- and had a photo shoot. What a great night! I captured some of the coolest pictures I have ever taken all thanks to learning from a fellow artist. Kenneth has such a dedication to photography check out his blog: http://www.kennethpurdom.com/p/kenneth-purdom-photography.html