Photo taken by  Killian Rose

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo taken by Killian Rose

Hi, I`m Charis! 

By now you're probably wondering about to pronounce my name. Well it`s easy. 

Just pretend the "CH" is a K and it rhymes with PARIS. Yep! You got it! CH [K] ARIS! I also go by Chairs but only until we become real friends. I am a wedding and elopement photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee and (of course) I travel. I would love to say I found photography but a better statement is photography found me. I took a photography class only because my middle school best friends, Katie and Chloe, were also in the class.  After school, my camera stuck by my side and I started to photograph random things I could find. My friends took notice and encouraged me to share more images. Everything changed  when an older girl I became friends with asked, "Will you take my senior pictures?"  I was fifteen years old. 

This journey of photography has not been easy. I faced disappointment, loss, and betrayal. In college, I placed my camera on the shelf and didn't look back. The reason I choose to pick my camera back up is simple: I finally decided to believe in myself. I didn't pursue photography to hit a certain amount of fans, instead I desired to chase after something that brought me life. Thankfully, I hope my work brings just as much life as it does to me, to you as well. 



- Leslie Knope`s tenacity

- Breakfast food ALL day

-Tina Belcher`s awkardness 

- A movie that will make me cry and laugh

- Finding the perfect color combination 

- Oil Painting (getting my hands messy)

- Cooking the same meal over and over and knowing it`s dang good

- Using voice memos on my iPhone because I would rather talk 

- Playing my favorite song (usually by the Chainsmokers) over + over 

- Spending time with my family 

-Laughing with my roommates 

-Hugging my cat aka Pet Therapy