Photo taken by    Killian Rose

Photo taken by Killian Rose

Thank you for checking out my site! I have transitioned my photography business to a personal project called, BLOOM. I am no longer a wedding Photographer. Feel free to check out my new work here: ForGirlsWhoBloom


- Leslie Knope`s tenacity

- Breakfast food ALL day

-Tina Belcher`s awkardness 

- A movie that will make me cry and laugh

- Finding the perfect color combination 

- Oil Painting (getting my hands messy)

- Cooking the same meal over and over and knowing it`s dang good

- Using voice memos on my iPhone because I would rather talk 

- Playing my favorite song (usually by the Chainsmokers) over + over 

- Spending time with my family 

-Laughing with my roommates 

-Hugging my cat aka Pet Therapy